Excellent, prompt and exceptional customer service. These are the words that best describes Mercantile Insurance. They do not only look after their clients and agents but their employees as well. In my 3 years here, Mercantile Insurance made me feel I am part of the family.Employees are very friendly and patient and I am very grateful to be part of this company.

Prudencio C. Allenda

I should say that at Mercantile we give our best to services not only our clients but the whole insuring public in its entirety. The most fulfilling fact is our close relationship to one another that comes everyday before the closing hour wherein we pray the Rosary and we also have Novena Masses every first Wednesday and first Friday of the month. And for me, I could not ask for anything more, physically, mentally and spiritually its MERCANTILE INSURANCE, simple the BEST…

Erlinda Igoy

I have been an agent in the non-life insurance industry for over 20 years and I continue to trust and do business with Mercantile because of their reliability and trustworthiness which is rooted in faith in God.

Oscar Gandionco

We are excited to be a partner of Mercantile Insurance. This insurance company is very agile and quick to deliver innovative insurance products to the market. This is the primary reason why we chose Mercantile to be a partner here in the Philippines. As an Insurance Technology (Insurtech) company, Igloo Insure thrives in speed, agility, and flexibility in bringing insurance to the general public, while maintaining affordability and relevance to the needs of the Filipinos. It’s a match that will definitely bring a competitive advantage in the future of insurance.

Mario Berta

Mercantile and UBX share the same mission to introduce relevant products to the Philippine market and pave the way to increase insurance penetration rate in the country. The Mercantile team has continuously showcased their underwriting expertise and capabilities with their new-to-market protection products. Insurance is a relationship business and the Mercantile team is easy to work with – they are direct, transparent and practical.

Cyrus Cruz

Bought insurance from Mercantile last year when I bought my new car. It was way more affordable than other insurance companies that was initially offered to me – at apples to apples comparison. In fact, Mercantile’s coverage was even better. I’m now an advocate. When colleagues and friends ask me about car insurance, I tell them Mercantile Insurance is the way to go.

Jack Harn Aquino

Mercantile Insurance provided me an excellent service. I would like to thank Mr. Bong Samuya for all the help he provided me. Claims department was really fast in providing my check and I would like to thank Jonna Tan… The staff are really helpful and I do promote this insurance company to my friends and relatives. The fastest insurance ever and exceeded my expectations. Excellent job Mercantile Insurance. Keep it up!

Roan Ramirez

Mercantile has been our insurance partner for years. The service is excellent and they settle our client’s insurance claims professionally and swiftly. We consider them our reliable and long-term partner since we both share the same core value of tradition plus innovation, which is paramount to the future growth of the Philippine insurance industry.

Erwin Reyes

There is nothing better than someone responding quickly during the time of your need. At Mercantile Insurance, I experience this first-hand. It gives me peace of mind wherever the road takes me.

Raul Forcados

Mercantile Insurance is one of the leading and most reliable insurance companies here in the Philippines and it is truly an honor to be part of the family. They always provide excellent service in terms of protecting assets while we and clients enjoy these same assets.

The growing family of Mercantile Insurance is a testament that they always give what is best for their employees, agents and most especially, their clients; including their expertise, knowledge and vast experience in the insurance industry.

Rowena B. De Chavez

Mercantile Insurance Company Inc. (MICI) has been our only insurance provider since 2009. Why? Because we know that MICI is a company we can trust and rely on, not only when it comes to settling the claims of our clients but more so in giving our agency its proper commission with no need for follow up. Precilla Insurance Corp (PIACORP) knows that MICI will always have its back, this gives us the confidence in telling our clients that they too can sleep well at night since they are fully covered.

Cheers to a great partnership, Mercantile!

Randolph Joseph T. Precilla

The tremendous growth (now 65 partner consultants) of the Piedlar Agency Group in MICI, is greatly attributable to the unwavering and highly responsive support of the team, from the top management to down the field offices. Deserving much praise is the San Fernando branch team led by Ms. Grace Guinoo, as they handle with efficiency and care to details the various needs of our group, especially on the daily items of policy issuance, underwriting, claims processing, OR issuance and commission disbursement.

Not only are our clients very happy with the speed and quality at which claims are handled, we’ve actually had several Third Party claimants (where our assureds were at fault in the accidents) who were converted to clients, by the way their claims were satisfactorily handled by MICI. We look forward to a very bright future with the solid support from MICI and we wish the company more milestones to achieve and more power!

Jay Bondoc