The tremendous growth (now 65 partner consultants) of the Piedlar Agency Group in MICI, is greatly attributable to the unwavering and highly responsive support of the team, from the top management to down the field offices. Deserving much praise is the San Fernando branch team led by Ms. Grace Guinoo, as they handle with efficiency and care to details the various needs of our group, especially on the daily items of policy issuance, underwriting, claims processing, OR issuance and commission disbursement.

Not only are our clients very happy with the speed and quality at which claims are handled, we’ve actually had several Third Party claimants (where our assureds were at fault in the accidents) who were converted to clients, by the way their claims were satisfactorily handled by MICI. We look forward to a very bright future with the solid support from MICI and we wish the company more milestones to achieve and more power!

Jay Bondoc